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Shipping Information and COVID19 (Update September 2020):

The shipping time of your packages is not affected by COVID. Your orders are delivered without additional delay with all our warehouses.

9 years of experience at your service

I recommend 2getmass

order arrived well despite all the problems with this hanger as usual at the top discreet package on time always listening! and answers to questions by emails the next day !! thank you for your seriousness !!!! I recommend 2getmass they are at the top

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Denis - April 13, 2020


the best !

2Getmass is the best site par excellence, professionalism, excellent staff always available to answer questions, original products and great prices!
the best!

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Eduard - March 15, 2020


Very recommendable

Lots of products in stock at 2GETMASS, very good customer service who really seek the best solutions. A little long delivery times but ultimately quite logical in this period of health crisis. Very recommendable

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Mr Bones - June 10, 2020


They are serious people

They are serious people
They send items (although they sometimes send late)
They send REAL steroids!
I received my package yesterday from the post office, it looks really clean and protected too!
They deserve my good comment!

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Hammad - July 26, 2020


Quality products and orders well received

I received my orders despite a slight delay due to covid-19. The support always takes the time to answer our emails, quality products, I've never had a problem with them. I highly recommend !

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Romeo - July 28, 2020


This is the first time I've bought from ...

This is the first time I have bought on this site, tempted by different offers on the different “packages” present. I must say that from the start, from the management of the payment, to the shipping (really very fast) and to the care and discretion with which the package was delivered, I found myself very well. The support received by email from the staff in charge is irreproachable and fast, responding within hours. I started the treatment for 4 days and I must say that to my great amazement I already noticed the first results. Valid and effective product. Thank you

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Gianluigi - July 29, 2020


Serious and very fast company ...

Serious company with very fast delivery times in Austria.
I am very satisfied and look forward to receiving new orders.
The support is very satisfactory and responds immediately if you have any questions.
So it all fits together here and you can place your orders here without hesitation

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Patrick - August 4, 2020


Good customer service

Serious and long-lasting business, customer service is efficient and always responds to emails resolving any problem even if there is none, as in my case I was worried about a delivery that went rather smoothly as expected, but they were always patient and kind.

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Laurent - August 12, 2020


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