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  1. Hello I'm doing a cure of 400 and 350 Nandro mix I can mix and dosing a week thank you ..

  2. Interesting but difficult to implement for the average person to me.

  3. I know a whole lot about mass-take programs. But it is good to read this kind of article from time to time, because sometimes there are tricks you forget

  4. Which product is best to take the mass Steroids or hormones?

  5. a good year full of happiness

  6. Do not forget to heavy lifting. However it is very important to vary the workouts routines and surprise the muscles, heavy lifting allows quick swell the muscle fibers.

  7. I like this kind of article, which does not only deal with steroids or nutrition to have mass, there is also the sports component with examples (here training and especially rest).
    Several factors are involved in the mass uptake
    Congratulations to the one who wrote the article.

  8. Article quite complete in the whole. It just misses the details on rest and recuperations that are often overlooked, but O how important if you want to gain mass.

  9. I have followed (and am still) this program and am really satisfied. My problem is that for a few months I gain both muscle and fat. Can anyone give me a notice?

  10. Bravo! Article very well detailed and pleasant to read. Everyone will find lunch at his door, whether or not he takes steroids.
    In muscu, to get to a certain level the steroid case is inevitable.

  11. Very interesting article, steroids are a subject too often avoided by sites!
    Although I am not necessarily interested in taking steroids, it is important to discuss the subject so that those who decide to take it can find good information.
    Thank you

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