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  1. Hello,
    I want to know how long you have to be safe from drinking alcohol after a steroid cure?

    • Hello,

      There is no specific time to keep from drinking after a cure. If you do not abstain, it is better to take very moderately.
      Know that in addition to its harmful effects on the body, it also blocks the synthesis of proteins. The exposure of muscle cells to alcohol often results in the ability of insulin to
      stimulate protein synthesis.

  2. Drinking and smoking have entered the mores of the French. As if not drinking or not smoking is a disabling factor for society. For some it is inconceivable not to drink during a party, a party is not one without the lot of alcohol that goes with it.
    Alcohol and tobacco should be desacralized. They are not useful and have nothing to do in sports.

  3. I do not smoke but I drink, I can say that I do it in moderation and I'm almost never drunk. I drink, let it once, maybe twice a month. I take a beer or two with friends or family. Also the day I do not train. I'm in shape without giving up my social life.
    I would say the key is moderation.
    As for smoking, I can not say too much.

  4. Every year 10 000 000 is dead because of tobacco and alcohol. So alcohol and tobacco are dangerous whether you're on steroids or not

  5. Necesito su consejo if seria posible combinar mid hobby con el deporte? Al navegar por Internet, he entendido para mi the nicotine sin alquitrán no es tan peligroso para nuestro organismo (está claro que es nada bueno, pero es daño y el mínimo). Tal vez no deberia privarme tal cosa? Puedo fumar cigarrillos electrónicos, mientras that consumo ThePharma? ¿Alguien Tuvo tal tipo de experiencia?

  6. Drinking will not kill us if we know how to do it. I will not put my life in brackets because of a cycle, doing things in moderation is the key.
    Drinking beer or whiskey to satiety 4 to 5 times a week is certainly bad whether it is under steroid or not.
    But a glass or two at the end of the week with friends to unwind will not hurt us.

  7. Drinking and smoking, is certainly bad for the health of anyone, not the sports, taking steroids or not.
    But it is quite tolerable and understandable for someone (who lives in France) to make occasional deviations on drink or tobacco. Moderation must be the key word.

  8. Good to know, but I think a small balloon of red from time to time would not hurt anyone.

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