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  1. After the last use of endurabol and TB500 detectable clest how long in the urine please?

  2. Hello
    How long is the Dhea detectable?

  3. Hello such
    estuary in a ciclo of 5 semanas of trembolona y sustanon
    that ends aproximadamente between el primer y el 2do of septiembre
    tengo posibilidad of salir positivo in dopaje of orina y sangre
    y tambien si estos esteroides salen in cualquier dopaje o tiene that ser uno especial para buscar ese tipo de sustancias.
    Thank you!

  4. my question is the following, i did a blood test ask by my doctor, because i had doubts about my level of testo voila the results, total testo is collapsed, the lh is high 2 times normal. I have been to see a urologist always ask by my doctor, he prescribes me another analysis for a hormone therapy, he asks for a test of bioavailable testo, psa, nfs estradiol and prolactin, creatininemia. but here I wanted to anticipate, a friend nurse made me a single injection of androtardyl 250, so currently I can not do my tests or my urologist will not have the expected results, my question is simple in how long I could do my test blood, I weigh 67kg for 168cm I am very muscler to know the time of detection of the testo enanthate to find my initial rate of my first analysis thank you in advance for your answer

  5. Hello, do you know how long, the new generations of peptides (ipamorelin, TB500, GHRP6 etc ...) are precisely detectable? You just said 1 day for "other peptides", but it's pretty vague if you know what I mean. I imagine that some peptides stay an hour or so can remain 3 / 4 days. Thank you for your help!

  6. Will winstrol (inyectable) be detectable by 10 meses?

  7. Teste propienato in 6 días ya no se detecta, dianabol máximo 21 días y deca durabolin menos from 10meses..confirmado

  8. Hello
    I would like to know how long I would not be detectable before a competition when I take dianabol, Samarin 140 for the liver, and steroids post-raise like nolvadex, etc. Thank you very much.


  9. In a controllo urine una gara di fatto dalla ciclismo wada creed quanto è il tempo di Rilevamento oxandrolone?

  10. Hello everyone
    I wonder if the Tribulus Terrestris L. can make positive during a doping control.

  11. Thanks for the details!

  12. The detection time of Decadurabolin is impressive. 1an and a half is really an eternity

  13. Could someone explain to me the operation and use of polygraph in the steroid detection

  14. For the clenbuterol detection time is 10 days ... ..

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