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  1. The most common mistake made by beginners is to want to go very quickly and forget the rest.

  2. The biggest mistake is to me to listen to his entourage, often we are surrounded by people who have never set their foot in a gym or have never seen dumbbell in their lives. These people allow themselves to give us advice on fitness and nutrition.
    The best friend of the beginner must be the forum talking about this, bodybuilding magazines and videos that people who have a weight of experience in post on YouTube.

  3. Good to know ! me for those who are already long experience in anabolic

  4. Even the most experienced also fall into this panel during the mass shooting period !!!!

  5. Hello!

    When I started taking steroids I fell into these panels. But in those days there was no internet!

  6. It is the collective consciousness that often leads us to make these mistakes. The best is to always get infected with specialized sites like

  7. The biggest mistake in my opinion is that many young (and not so young also) think that bodybuilding and particularly weight gain is a story of a few months or less. While weight training is not a sprint, it's a marathon. The collective consciousness is that once we have achieved our goal, our gain will stay for life.

  8. Practicing much longer as necessary is in my opinion the worst possible mistakes. Spend more time in gym does not mean get results benefit ...
    This error is for muscle gains as for cardio.

  9. Yes well said the weather made things

  10. I think the first mistake is the fact of "not wanting to become stronger"
    We must all think become stronger if inspired to become larger clumps. It is a situation of give. Many people who practice bodybuilding do not charge their more gradually and bars are surprised not to get results.
    Throughout the workout, the body adapts and becomes stronger and therefore needs to be stressed harder to continue to adapt.
    It's as simple as that

  11. For me the biggest mistake of beginners is to use training programs for experienced

    This equates to move his wings on a fighter jet.

    Often enthusiasm is overwhelmed after reading books on weight training or seen videos on youtube. It is estimated that the training programs for beginners are not made for us, and we throw our sights on a program confirmed.

    And we wonder why there is no progress.

    When one begins bodybuilding, no strength to produce enough intensity to move forward and progress.
    Beginners should start with basic exercises !!!!

  12. I like the conclusion, because it is in my opinion the definition of bodybuilding. Strength training is not a sprint, but endurance. Even people with great genetics and very disciplined take years to become really beefy.

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