CiplaHeadquartered in Mumbai, India's capital of Maharashtradevelops, manufactures and markets high quality generic pharmaceutical products. Innovative, but also cost effective, Cipla has since 8 decades greatly improved the quality of life of millions of patients all over the world. The company is today among the 3 Leading Generics Industry Leaders in India. It produces a wide range of products aimed at improving health.

At Cipla, generic products have enabled millions of patients to access a healthier life. Since its creation, Cipla has in fact committed to providing quality medicines to underprivileged populations. An attractive price.

Cipla is one of the few pharmaceutical companies that listens to patients and doctors. The company is actually working with a dozen partners to create innovative medicines and innovative delivery systems.

The Cipla brand is also very appreciated in the sports environment. Many athletes use their products to prevent or counter the side effects of using certain types of anabolic steroids.

Le Fertomid For example, it is very effective in reviving the production of natural testosterone, suppressed following an anabolic treatment. The Fempro, meanwhile, represents a powerful aromatase inhibitor. Finally, Finpecia is used to prevent hair loss.

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    • Fertomid Clomiphene Cipla - 10tabs

      20 Fertomid-Clomiphene-Cipla-50mg-10tab
      Quick Overview

      Fertomid is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) acting by blocking these receptors in certain parts of the body. Due to the fact that many steroids convert to estrogen in the body, Fertomid has proven popular in the bodybuiling world as a way of blocking this phenomenon. It is used as a PCT and during a cycle to prevent gynecomastia.

      Fertomid is a selective modulator ...

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