Alpha-Pharma Healthcare is located at 2008 in the Chandivali Universal Business Park in Mumbai, India. Alpha-Pharma offers the development of license agreements for generic pharmaceutical products in their R & D center (research and development).

In addition, they have a regulatory business team that is able to compile technical data according to country-specific records and can assist in conducting bioequivalence studies by relevant clinical research organizations as required. As a result, they have the ability to manufacture final dosage forms in their facilities that are specific to approved countries.

To this we can add an active fight against counterfeit products. All of their products can be authenticated through a two-factor authentication system at: Each product has a serial number that is visible on the bottle or box and a security code that must be crossed out. The serial number and security code can be registered on the authentication site to verify the authenticity of a product.

Alpha-Pharma has built itself in just a few years a very solid reputation. No wonder considering the quality of their products like Boldebolin, Induject-250, Mastebolin, Nandro, NandroRapid, Nandrobolin, Alphabolin, Oxanabol, Oxydrolone, Parabolin, Rexogin, Rexobol, Mastoral, Oxydrolone, Thyro3, Astralean, Testobolin, TestoRapid, Provibol, Altamofen , Vitagon, Vitex ...

The core values ​​of Alpha Pharma are: Excellence, Integrity, Discipline, Transparency.

All combined with excellent availability of their products, it was enough for less than Alpha-Pharma products flourish on the various sales sites anabolic steroids lines.

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