Sanofi is a French multinational. The group is particularly known for its activities pharmaceutical and especially for its prescription drugs in the areas of diabetes, consumer health products and generics. In the health sector, Sanofi ranks third in the world.

Sanofi's pharmaceutical business is very dynamic. At the Research and Development level, she is in charge of the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of drugs. Its products of very high quality, remain very affordable. They are very popular with patients, health care providers, and health organizations around the world.

Sanofi meets global regulatory, quality and compliance requirements.

Although the company develops and manufactures generic pharmaceuticals, Sanofi's success has allowed it to diversify into a number of other health-related areas.

Today, Sanofi is a trusted and indispensable member of the global medical community. Products pharmaceutical The company can be found in almost all pharmacies and health facilities in France and is exported to more than one hundred countries around the world.

In the sports and the sporting bodybuilding, the most known Sanofi product is certainly the Lasix. This diuretic is also known as furosemide.

Le Lasix will quickly remove water and salt from the body. It will also block the absorption of sodium, chloride and filtered water into the renal tubules, resulting in an increase in urine output.

Lasix is ​​taken by many bodybuilders shortly before competitions, and sometimes up to two days before, to eliminate excess water.

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