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  1. While the diet is very important, but for optimum results, the bodybuilder must have precise and reasonable goals, an iron will, a good dose of enthusiasm, and a pinch of masochism, because we must love the pain. Keep in mind that your results reflect your work and your sacrifices.

  2. All this looks very good to me. But it will be difficult for me to vary my diet. Me job does not allow me. Especially since where I am there is not even a quarter of this picture. As I am in the Maldives for the next two years, fish remain the best source of protein for me.

  3. Very well done. We find the calories of each food easily on the internet, but to have them together on the same page (same site) is really brilliant.
    Although the list is not exhaustive, it's a very good job.
    Thank you

  4. Table O how comprehensive and detailed. Best help eating balanced.

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