Oral Testosterone

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Methyltestosterone is the very first oral steroid. At the time of its creation, it was the only effective oral anabolic steroid.

As the name suggests, oral testosterone has been modified through a methylation process. It has been modified to resist the process of digestion and to be able to arrive intact in the blood.

Benefits of oral testosterone

Oral testosterone is used during a course of weight gain and volume. It is reported that some athletes who are genetically slim have gained a lot of muscle mass and a lot of strength quickly, thanks to testosterone.

Here are the benefits of oral testosterone:

  • Rapid increase in testosterone level
  • Increased aggression during training
  • Increase in strength and energy
  • Significant muscular growth

Oral Testosterone Stack:

Testosterone used alone gives very good results. It must be remembered, however, that it is responsible for fluid retention. It is therefore recommended to take it with other products to optimize the results. For example for weight gain, oral testosterone can be combined with Nandrolone Decanoate, Dianabol or Trenbolone. For PTO, it can be taken with injectable Winstrol.


Oral testosterone has the same side effects as injectable testosterone. One of the most common is the flavoring, which is the conversion of testosterone to estrogen called methylestradiol.

Exogenous hormone intake such as Testosterone may affect endogenous testosterone production. It is therefore advisable to do a PCT after an oral testosterone treatment to boost the production of natural testosterone.


For purely therapeutic purposes, the daily dose of oral testosterone is 10 to 30 mg.

For athletic purposes and performance improvements, the recommended dose is 30 at 60mg / day. The duration of the cure should not exceed 8 weeks.

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