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The popularity of oral steroids in the sports environment is well established, and this for different reasons. Some will want to avoid the constraints of the injection, while others will simply prefer the benefits that tablets and capsules will bring.

Advantage of oral steroids:

Many people make the choice of oral steroids because they are looking for the convenience of a simple dosage. With oral steroids, no syringe to buy, nothing to measure and no injection protocol.

Oral steroids dissolve in the blood faster than injectables.

Oral steroids for "kick-starter":

Oral steroids bring a particular benefit that injectable steroids can not provide. The best oral steroids will spread in the blood very quickly, bringing with it immediate effects. Ideal to start the first 4 weeks of a cycle. Injectables will then take over benefiting from an already high peak of testosterone.

Dianabol and Anadrol are the best oral steroids for "kick-starter" a cycle of gaining weight and strength, while Winstrol is the best option to speed up a cycle of dry or weight loss.


Ingestion of oral steroids can cause damage to the liver. These stresses on the liver can however be easily bypassed by observing these few rules:

  • Do not take oral steroids for a long time.
  • Ban alcohol and toxic drugs because these products can increase liver damage.
  • And finally, take supplements to protect the liver. Samarin is in most cases indicated.

Oral steroids in women:

Some options are available to women regarding oral steroids. Winstrol and Anavar are favored by their safety and efficiency.

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