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Halotestin or Fluoxymesterone is a very popular product for athletes who want to improve their athletic performance without gaining muscle mass.

It is known as the most powerful steroid. Although Halotestin is primarily a compound for PTO, it is also possible to incorporate it into a dry cycle.

The Bodybuilers use the Halotestin a few weeks before the start of a competition because it greatly improves the visual appearance of the muscles.

With its ability to increase strength without increasing weight, it is very popular among wrestlers and boxers.

What are the benefits of Halotestin?

  • Increased aggressiveness
  • Very fast increase in strength (the most effective steroid)
  • No estrogenic activity
  • No water retention

Dosage of Halotestin:

The most common dosage is 20 at 30mg / day, divided into two doses during the day.

Halotestin Stack:

For a precompetition cycle, it is best to stack it with Primobolan to get striated muscles.

For a lean mass gain cycle, it can be stacked with Deca-Durabolin, Oxymetholone or Boldenone.

Halotestin is not suitable for women.

Finally, it is important to take protection during your treatment and to include a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after the cure.

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