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  1. order never received, since 1 month and a half it has been validated and resolved
    It is unacceptable
    I was mistaken for an imbecile
    By cons, a lot of blah blah and smoke

    • Hello,

      We thank you first of all for this post. except blah blah and smoke as you say. Yes, you ordered well from us a month ago. Just after shipping your package we also sent you the tracking number. And if you followed the progress of your package, it arrived in France and then returned to Germany. We do not yet know the reasons for this return to the sender.
      I invite you to contact our services, you can settle this situation together.

  2. Hello

    I place an order and my status is still pending payment knowing that I made the payment via zebicoint by credit card and that the money was debited on my account.
    what is it?

    • Hello,
      Indeed we had little delay on the status of orders update due to the many orders we had to manage lately. The team has strengthened and everything is going much faster now.
      We still apologize for this delay.
      We tell you very quickly.

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