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  1. I did not know this man at all, it is thanks to your article that I discovered it. Very beautiful physique.

  2. Frank Zane is the only bodybuilder who looks like a bodybuilder, but he is as busy as the others and maybe even more.

  3. I concede it is for me a thousand times more enjoyable to watch than the current guys and this is only my personal opinion.
    As most bodybuilders before the end of 70 years, they have a timeless physical, approaching the Greek status.
    Even non-body-builders will argue that it really has a very physical feel.

  4. Before, I always confused Frank Zane and Steve Reeves

  5. The latest articles on 2getmass are great. They allow us to meet old stars who have contributed to the evolution of this sport that we love so much! Thanks to the author of all these nuggets.

  6. Everything in finesse and balance! I just love it

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