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  1. Sto usando Primobolan depot 300 mg a settimana e Sustanon mg 250 mg a settimana coo Anastrazolo 1mg a giorni alterni. Cosa devo usare come terapia post ciclo (Pct)? Grazie.

  2. It is true that many people neglect some problems related to the disruption of the axis Hpta

  3. super simple art and sufficiently detailed to alert all users! :)

    Another more precise article with examples of PCT and feedback would be appreciable;)
    In the examples of PCT mentioned above, there is no HCG, why? I would really like to know a little more about the HCG ...

    Anyway thanks for the article

  4. Many thanks for the author of this article which is both clear and detailed. An understandable summary of what Axis Hpta is. All people who take anabos must at least once read this great article.

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