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  1. Super dry Kai videos have been circulating on the internet for quite some time. These videos are for me sign that this guy want to hit hard this year. May be good things for Mr Olympia

  2. Amo su físico Me pregunto por qué nunca ganó al Sr. Oylmpia

  3. It lacks trapezes compared to others but it is to his advantage because it is hyper balanced.

  4. It's his back that cost him a lot of title, with this back cache (or spoils) his trapeze. But kay remains in my opinion a very beautiful specimen

  5. For having seen it real once in Belgium, it is huge!

  6. Personally I do not find it aesthetic the Kai. Not the exceptional line worthy of a Shawn Ray or a Flex Wheeler. But respect for the work and sacrifice that have been done upstream!
    A huge mass and a dry patient. Hat the athlete.

  7. Superb athlete and great competitor. We can not hear it lately, retirement in sight?

  8. Appolon of modern times! Love it

  9. This guy is so huge. For me it deserves at least two titles of Mr. Olympia

  10. One of my favorites with Lee Haney! I love to see the matte skin with lots of muscle

  11. It is true that Kai is a beautiful specimen, but I think it lacks a little charisma. With more charisma he would have more gain other titles.

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