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  1. Great bodyduilder, Huge legacy!

  2. His greatest legacy is the desk that bears his name!

  3. Between the first and the last Mr Olympia there is no picture !!! I much prefer the first ... ..

  4. A big respect to this great man (Although quite small in size), the golden age of bodybuilding (with that of Schwarzie)

  5. I was not born in the 60 years far from it, but I love the aesthetics of the sixties and seventies. Harmony passes before the volume.

  6. Mary and Jsheh gave for peping out what Mary
    Jesus when He was six. Larry puzzled,? I gyess hee
    The same kind of toys we like.

  7. Respect! To reach such a level, while the supplements were not legion at that time

  8. It's true that his arms were out of the ordinary for the time !!!! Not enough dry to my taste.
    But I respect the work that has been to reach this level.
    Respect: good:

  9. Big biceps for the time, but nowadays even an amateur easily surpasses him. But respect all the same.

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