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Bemiks Kompoze - 2ml -5 ampas- Sanofi

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Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is used to treat vitamin deficiency due to nutritional disorders to support normal nutrition



Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is used for the prevention and replacement of vitamin deficiency in patients who cannot take the vitamins by mouth.
Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is also used for patients who have general complaints such as fatigue of body and mind, forgetfulness, irritability, tremors in arms and legs, related to the nutritional needs of patients having long postoperative periods. Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is used for preventing and eliminating vitamin B deficiency in shingles, nerve pain, nerve inflammation, nerve damage disorders in diabetes, heart muscle disorders, radiation sickness and rheumatism feverish. Bemiks Kompoze 2 Ml is also used as an adjunct to the treatment of prolonged poisoning during alcoholism.

How to use:

Adults (including the elderly): 1 to 2 ampoules per day.

Mode of application and method: It is added intramuscularly or intramuscularly (infusion) slowly into the vein.



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