Ephedrine-HCL-50mg-10amp - Sopharma

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The main objective of doses of ephedrine in bodybuilding and athletics is that of fat loss. In this sense, ephedrine is used almost exclusively as a fat loss agent.

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Ephedrine-HCL-50mg-10amp - Sopharma

  • Laboratory: Sopharma
  • Form: Injection
  • Ingredients: Ephedrine
  • Concentration: 50mg / mL
  • Presentation: 10 bulbs
  • Dosage: Use of ephedrine in total of 90 mg / day (maximum dose)
    - 8:00 am: 30mg of ephedrine
    12:00 p.m .: 30mg of ephedrine
    15:00 p.m .: 30mg of ephedrine
  • Type: Fat loss