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Menodac HMG - Sun Pharma -150iu

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HMG (human menotropin gonadotropin) is used to stimulate FSH and LH hormones in the body. In a simpler way, the compound will boost your natural testosterone production and sperm production. By using this product, your sexual desire and well-being are at their peak. Menodac is ideal for counteracting infertility problems.

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Menodac Sun pharma 150ui

  • Laboratory : Sun Pharma
  • Form Injection
  • Ingredients : gonadotrophin
  • Concentration : 150 iu / ml
  • Presentation : Vial of 2 ml
  • Dosage : Take between 75 and 150 iu a week after the end of the cycle.
  • Type : PCT
  • Level : All Users

Positive points of Menodac:

  • Fertility
  • Revival of testosterone
  • Stimulates the production of spermatozoa

The negative points of Menodac:

  • Headaches
  • Light abdominal pain
  • bloating

Information on the Menodac:

HMG is a compound similar to HCG. The difference is that HMG has the benefit of stimulating FSH and LH at the same time. While HCG is primarily known for the stimulation of LH only. Although HMG is not as recognized, many bodybuilders are nevertheless interested in Menodac to restore their testosterone level after taking steroids. Originally, HMG was designed as a fertility drug. Indeed, stimulation of FSH can increase the production of sperm in the body.
So, HMG is beneficial for bodybuilders to boost the production of their testosterone. To be taken during a PCT.
HMG (human menopausal gonadotropin) may be more effective when used with HCG and other LH-stimulating drugs, such as Clomid or Nolvadex during PCT. A typical dose of 150 iu daily for 2 weeks is sufficient to restore testicular function and sperm count in men. Some people think that a longer protocol is necessary because of the use of more powerful hormones.

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