Oral Primobolan 25mg - Swiss Remedies - Boxes of 100 tabs

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The effects of Primobolan Oral Swiss Remedies are for the most part analogous to those of Primobolan Depot injectable: moderate anabolic effect, dehydration and reduced muscle mass gain but quality. Primobolan causes a voracious appetite that promotes this mass gain.



Primobolan Swiss Remedies box of 100 tabs: 25mg / tab

  • Laboratory: Swiss Remedies
  • Form: Oral
  • Ingredients: methenolone enanthate
  • Concentration: 25mg / tab
  • Presentation: box of 100 tabs
  • Type: Firmness stabilization cycle / dry / weight loss
  • Level: All Users

Positive points of Primobolan Swiss Remedies

  1. Moderate oral anabolic steroid with delayed effect
  2. Slimming and reduced but quality muscle mass gaining
  3. Appetite increase

The negatives of Primobolan Swiss Remedies

  1. At very high doses it is possible to have effects quite harmful for the kidneys. advises against exceeding normal doses.

Our advice

  • Primobolan Depot is a metenolone ester, the enanthate metenolone. It is a moderate oral anabolic steroid with delayed effect. It is moderately anabolic and little androgenic.

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