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Primo 25 - 100 tabs A-tech Labs

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The effects of Primobolan Depot are mostly similar to those of Primobolan tablets: moderate anabolic effect, slimming and making small but quality muscle mass. As Primobolan, Primobolan Depot causes a voracious appetite that promotes this weight gain.



Primo 25 - A-Tech Labs box of 100 tabs: 25mg / tab

  • Laboratory: A-Tech Labs
  • Form: Oral
  • Ingredients: Methenolone Acetate
  • Concentration: 25mg / tab
  • Presentation: box of 100 tabs
  • Dosage: Between 75mg and 150mg / day
  • Type: firmness stabilization cycle / dry / weight loss
  • Level: All Users

Information on Primobolan

The methenolone acetate is composed of methenolone acetate tablets. It is a moderately anabolic and low androgenic steroid.
The desired effects of methenolone acetate are close to those of Winstrol. Indeed it's not necessary to rely on a methenolone acetate cycle if one wants to quickly gain muscle mass because it is a quite moderately anabolic product . However as with Winstrol, there is a moderate muscle gain but better, denser and slimmer. Similarly, as the gain is not from water retention, it is a sustainable muscle gain.

Because of its reduced anabolic power, methenolone acetate is often used in stack and during slimming periods. For a larger weight gain, athletes stack the methenolone acetate with stronger anabolic. For cycles of slimming, it can be combined for greater efficiency with another slimming product such as Winstrol. Finally, we must note that methenolone acetate gives a particularly voracious appetite, which naturally promotes weight gain.
The main feature of methenolone acetate tablets is that it is absolutely not toxic to the liver or other organs, unlike Winstrol and many other oral anabolic. This is because there is no alpha alkylated and this makes it one of the least dangerous oral steroids. Moreover, as it has a little androgenic compound, its side effects are nonexistent when taken at usual doses. So there is usually no water retention or virilization or gynecomastia with this product, except of course for susceptible cases or cases of very high doses.
The usual doses used by bodybuilders range from 75 to 150 mg per day depending on the weight and experience of the subject.

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