Injectable Propionate Testosterone Test Propionate 100mg / ml 10ml - Atlas Labs

100mg Propionate Test / ml 10ml - Atlas Labs

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Quick Overview

Testosterone Propionate remains one of the most popular anabolic steroids. Nowadays, it is still widely acclaimed by bodybuilders.

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Propionate 100 - Atlas Labs - 10ml bottle: 100mg / ml

  • Laboratory: Atlas Labs
  • Form: Injection
  • Ingredients: Testosterone Propionate
  • Concentration: 100mg / ml
  • Presentation: Bottle of 10ml
  • Dosage: Between 200 and 600mg per week.
  • Type: mass gain cycle / volume / strength
  • Protection during treatment: Antiestrogen: Take 0.5mg of Arimidex in ED (daily) or take 1mg Arimidex in EOD (every 2 days).
  • Pct post cycle therapy: Clomid and Nolvadex during recovery: 1 each day for 20 days.
  • Level: All Users

Positive points of the Propionate 100

  1. Very short duration of action, effect from the first days of the cycle
  2. Significant gains in muscle mass and strength
  3. Minimal water retention
  4. Denser and better quality muscles
  5. Increase in energy while training and better vascularization (blood supply)

Our advice

  • We advise you to continue your cycle with aTestosterone enanthatewhich is an ester with more lasting effects. This practice has the advantage of increasing the rate of testosterone very quickly and then keeping it elevated for a long time without resorting to too many frequent injections.

Information about Propionate 100

Testosterone propionate has a very short duration of action, 1 or 2 days. Like other testosterone esters, testosterone propionate provides significant gains in mass and strength, but with the advantage of minimal water retention, which ensures a denser and better quality muscles. Due to its rapid action, this ester provides a significant increase in energy while training and better vascularization (blood flow) in the first days of the cycle.

It is common that users start a cycle with testosterone propionate (50 100 in mg / day) and continue with testosterone enanthate, which is an ester with more durable effects. This practice has the advantage of increasing testosterone levels very rapidly, and then keep it high for a long period without the need of taking injections too frequently.

Other users, on the other hand, prefer to use testosterone propionate, in order to guarantee a minimum of water retention. Given the very short life of this ester, it is then necessary to inject 100 mg every 2 days to maintain a sufficiently high testosterone throughout the cycle. This choice is often that of sprinters and weightlifters, whose interest is to acquire as much strength as possible, with a minimum of weight and a minimum of water retention.