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Trenoprime (Trenbolone Acetate) - Eminence Labs - 10 Ampoules - 1ml

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Trenbolone Acetate is a very powerful androgenic steroid that also has a strong anabolic action. It allows users to achieve a rapid and significant increase in strength but does not cause excessive weight gain.

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Trenoprime Eminence Labs - 10 Ampoules of 1ml: 100mg / ml

  • Laboratory: Eminence Labs
  • Form: Injection
  • Ingredients: trenbolone acetate
  • Concentration: 100mg / ml
  • Presentation: Box of 10 Ampoules of 1ml
  • Dosage: Between 150 to 450mg / week
  • Type: firmness stabilisation cycle / slimming / mass gain
  • Protection during treatment: Antiestrogen: Take 0.5mg of Arimidex in ED (daily) or take 1mg Arimidex in EOD (every 2 days).
  • Pct post cycle therapy: Clomid and Nolvadex during recovery: 1 each day for 20 days.
  • Level: All Users

The positives of Trenbolone Acetate

  1. powerful Androgenic steroid
  2. Rapid increase and a significant increase in strength
  3. No excessive weight gain
  4. No water retention in the body
  5. Firm musculature
  6. Impressive physical metamorphosis after only a few weeks

The negatives of Trenbolone Acetate

  1. In high doses over a long cure the "Tren 100" is relatively toxic to the kidneys
  2. At high doses it is possible to have headache, epistaxis (nosebleed), hypertension, oily skin accompanied by acne, as well as a possible increase of aggressiveness

Our advice

  • Associated with Winstrol or primobolan stanozolol, it exerts a dramatic transformation action on the physical aspect. (Parabolan Tren 100: 30 a decision mg every 1 or 2 days associated with Winstrol or primobolan stanozolol in a decision 50 mg every 1 2 days in) any other products association allows the athlete to gain also strongest muscles and increased muscle mass also marked.
  • We recommend you to increase your daily fluid intake for the proper functioning of the kidneys. Minimum 3 liters of water per day.
  • In high doses you must take Samarin for liver protection.
  • The Trenbolone is a 19-nor steroid. Be sure to always use it with a testosterone base.

Information on Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone acetate is a very powerful androgenic steroid which also has a strong anabolic action. It allows its users to get a quick and significant increase in strength but do not cause excessive weight gain. This is due to the fact that "Trenbolone Acetate" does not cause water retention in the body. That is why it is very popular with weightlifters who must stay within a certain weight class. Strength gain is comparable to that obtained using steroids developing the well-known muscle mass, such as Dianabol or anabol, Anapolon 50 and testosterone. The peculiarity of Trenbolone Acetate is the active role of trenbolone acetate in burning fat. This product is popular with bodybuilders posing championships because it allows athletes before little fat to get a good firmness and good muscle tone. Athletes also having a proper diet can get, thanks to Trenbolone Acetate, significant strength gain, muscle growth quality and at the same time, muscles become firmer. Because Trenbolone comes in the form trenbolone acetate, its duration of action is limited, so a frequent and regular administration is necessary. Most athletes are injection 1 2 ml every day or 30 mg. However, it is not uncommon for athletes take higher doses, such 30 mg daily or 60 2 mg every day. Thus obtain a significant increase in their strength, and an important muscle development, always good. The Trenbolone Acetate does not change its components, the active ingredient in it is not converted into estrogen. Associated with Winstrol or primobolan, it exerts a dramatic transformation action on the physical aspect. Bodybuilders associate Trenbolone Acetate on a one making 30 mg every 1 2 days or Winstrol stanazolol primobolan or on a one making all 50 1 mg to 2 days, and both in the preparation in a competition only in the initial stage of muscle development because they get so dramatic strength gain, no other combination of products allows the athlete to gain as much muscle strength as well as an increase in mass as pronounced muscle. The physical transformation that results after a few weeks, is impressive even offensive to some outside observers. Obviously competition bodybuilders love this preparation. The Trenbolone Acetate is also used in the composition of the most effective combination of products in terms of the formation of muscle mass. Associated with Dianabol or anabol, Anapolon 50, or testosterone, trenbolone Acetate helps build strength and muscle mass in record time. But after mentioning the positive effects of Trenbolone Acetate let us come to its adverse effects, unfortunately considerable, who come here to tarnish the table we just brush.

Le "Trenbolone Acetate" is relatively toxic to the kidneys and causes, after a certain period of treatment, tingling in both the right kidney and the left kidney. The first symptoms of kidney damage result in a very dark coloring of the urine. Some athletes may remember the day they had blood in their urine for the first time. It is important not to take high doses of Trenbolone Acetate for a prolonged period. In addition, it is essential to change the fluid intake to 4 or 5 liters per day to clean the kidneys. The use of Trenbolone Acetate is accompanied by significant androgen-related adverse effects in both men and women. Athletes often report headaches, epistaxis, high blood pressure, oily skin with acne, and sometimes increased aggression. Hypertension is somewhat surprising, since Trenbolone Acetate does not cause any sodium-water retention; however, it is this retention that is usually at the root of this problem. It is possible that the structure of the skin deteriorates considerably, which results in hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, marked in part by a large outbreak of acne and dilated pores. Above all, there is an increase in aggression among athletes. Trenbolone Acetate "taps on the system" and can cause significant mood swings in its users. These become quickly irritable and tend to "get out of their hinges easily". Women can, in a very short time, be subject to often irreversible cosmetic changes. However, some high-level bodybuilders and weightlifters have incorporated "Trenbolone Acetate" into their competitive preparation program. Trenbolone Acetate is not a steroid for recreational bodybuilders. It can, if necessary, be used by high level and competitive athletes. Reasonable women refuse to use it.

The real trenbolone acetate is recognized from the pain that can be felt even after several hours at the site of injection, and the fact that some athletes complain of hot flashes and nausea.

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