Winstrol 10mg 100 tablets - Mactropin

Winstrol 10mg 100 tablets - Mactropin

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Stanozolol provides quality muscle growth with a surprising strength growth without water retention and a significant loss of fat. Its anabolic properties could even be comparable to Dianabol, but Winstrol has the advantage of not producing water retention.


Stanozolol box of 100 tablets: 10mg / tablet

  • Laboratory: Mactropin
  • Form: Oral
  • Ingredients: Stanozolol
  • Concentration: 10mg / tablet
  • Presentation: Box of 100 tablets
  • Dosage: Between 20 - 80 mg / day
  • Type: Firmness stabilization cycle / dry / weight loss
  • Protection during treatment: Take a hepato-protective (Samarin) between 2 and 4 tabs per day
  • Pct post cycle therapyoptional recovery
  • Level: All Users

The positives of Stanozolol

  1. Quality muscle growth
  2. Surprising strength growth
  3. No water retention
  4. Significant fat loss
  5. Increases the power of steroids used simultaneously

Our advice

  • We advise you to take samarin 140 to protect your liver.
  • Do not take this product only because you because you want to lose muscle mass, always combine it with an anabolic steroids such as a testosterone or dianabol or anabol.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose and the cycle duration.

Information on Stanozolol

Winstrol is a popular brand name for the anabolic steroid stanozolol. This compound is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, The molecule is used since 1962 . Stanozolol provides quality muscle growth with an increase of the surprising strengthWithout water retention and a significant loss of fat. Its anabolic properties could even be comparable to Dianabol, but Winstrol has the advantage not to water retention. Stanozolol as Dianabol is an alpha-17 akylé structural form so that oral administration is as effective as injectable form. In addition, stanozolol is not capable of converting into estrogen (so no water retention), an anti-estrogen is not necessary. It is the same for gynecomastia, even among the most sensitive individuals, stanozolol does not cause gynecomastia. Winstrol produces a water retention quality muscle without fear excess subcutaneous, this makes it a steroid that is used mostly during cutting cycles, when water and fat retention are a major concern. It is also very popular among athletes in combination strength / speed sports such as track and field.

The oral use of stanozolol can also have a profound and positive impact on levels of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). Indeed, as all anabolic / androgenic steroids plasma binding proteins such as SHBG act to temporarily constrain steroid hormones to operate. Stanozolol in the oral form provided a greater percentage of unbound steroid hormones in the body, it reinforces an effective mechanism in which stanozolol increases the power of steroids used simultaneously.

Winstrol is often combined with other steroids depending on the desired result. With testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol Winstrol will balance out the cycle, giving good anabolic effect with lower overall estrogenic activity. The result is a considerable gain new muscle mass, with a level of water retention and fat minimized.

For cutting phases Winstrol can be combined with a flavoring non-androgenic steroid such as Trenbolone or Halotestin. Such combinations contribute to an extremely defined muscle so sought after among bodybuilders.

For the most sensitive or older Winstrol can be combined with Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise. In this case the results will be good with very low side effects.

As with all steroids in the structural form alpha-akylé 17 (eg dianabol), Winstrol on a long cycle and at a very high dosage above normal, can cause high stress to the liver. It is strongly recommended to use Legalon 70 140 or Samarin to protect the liver during treatment and continue this treatment at least 2 weeks bitter cure to totally cleanse the liver. It is also advisable to limit the treatment preferably between 6 and 8 weeks.

The usual dosage for men is 20 / 80 mg daily for tablets. Female athletes can also use stanozolol at doses of around 5-10mg daily.

We can note that the detection time of oral Stanozolol is only 3 weeks compared to 9 weeks for the injectable version.

Laboratory test report





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