Our payment methods

  • New, simpler and faster: after your order, choose between payment by Bitcoin, credit card, WU, MG, RIA, Zelle, or by bank transfer
  • Immediate discount of -15% on crypto-payments (BTC, ETH, MONERO ...)
  • Choose a payment method and change at any time, no need to reorder to change payment method
  • The payment link is valid 1 month after your order, access it at any time from: my account> my orders > button “pay my order”
  • Receive your payment information by email or confirm your payments in 1 click

Bitcoin / AltcoinsInternational bank transferZeBitcoinΠGWesternUnionRIAZelle (US Only)
RIABank transferCredit CardΠGWURIAZelle
Tutorial / Confirmation
Visit the website / find an agency
Link on the order confirmation page
Relating to your bank
Transaction fees0Relating to your bank9%

(These costs are already taken into account when ordering)

≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

4 € -30 € ($ 5- $ 35)0
Our service charges-15%+ 10 %00000
Minimum orderNo minimum.No minimum.30 € ($ 30)50 € ($ 60)85 € ($ 100)50 € ($ 60)No minimum.
Maximum amountNo maximum.No maximum.No maximum.2,500 € ($ 2,500)4,000 € ($ 4,000)2,500 € ($ 2,500)2,500 € ($ 2,500)
Validation of payment24h4 6-days24-48h24-48h24-48h24-48h24-48h
Credit Card Compatible Service

Only in the United States

Compatible Bank Transfer Service

Only in the United States

Agency payment
AvailabilityWorldWorldWorldWorldWorldWorldUnited States
Mobile app

How to receive your products?

1- Place your order

2- Pay with the method of your choice (see above)

3- Send us your payment confirmation

4- We ship your order after the payment information is checked

Confirm my payment

Once your payment has been sent, you must provide us with the payment information via the payment form above. This is essential to validate your order. Once the payment information has been received, we validate your order within 24/48 hours.

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    Bitcoin, Paybis, ZeBitcoin, Indacoin ...WesternUnionMoneyGramRIAZelleBank transfer

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