Our payment methods

  • New, simpler and faster: after your order, choose between payment by Bitcoin, credit card, WU, MG, RIA, Zelle, or by bank transfer
  • -15% immediate discount on crypto-payments, and no additional fees on other means of payment
  • Choose a payment method and change at any time, no need to reorder to change payment method
  • The payment link is valid 1 month after your order, access it at any time from: my account> my orders > button “pay my order”
  • Receive your payment information by email or confirm your payments in 1 click

Bitcoin / AltcoinsInternational bank transferZeBitcoinΠGWesternUnionWesternUnion via Cryptex24RIATransferwiseZelle (US Only)
RIABank transferCredit CardΠGWUWU Cryptex24RIATransferwiseZelle
Tutorial / Confirmation
Visit the website / find an agency
Link on the order confirmation page
Relating to your bank
Transaction fees0Relating to your bank9%

(These costs are already taken into account when ordering)

≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

25 € ($ 30)
(these costs are already included in the amount of your order)

4 € -30 € ($ 5- $ 35)0-4 €0
Our service charges-15%00000
(6% of Cryptex fees already added to the amount of your order)
Minimum orderNo minimum.No minimum.30 € ($ 30)50 € ($ 50)100 € ($ 100)300 € ($ 300)50 € ($ 50)No minimum.No minimum.
Maximum amountNo maximum.No maximum.No maximum.2,500 € ($ 2,500)4,000 € ($ 4,000)2,500 € ($ 2,500)2,500 € ($ 2,500)No maximum.2,500 € ($ 2,500)
Validation of paymentImmediate4 6-days24-48h24-48h24-48h24-72h24-48h24-48h24-48h
Credit Card Compatible Service

Only in the United States

Compatible Bank Transfer Service

Only in the United States

Agency payment
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How to receive your products?

1- Place your order

2- Pay with the method of your choice (see above)

3- Send us your payment confirmation

4- We ship your order after the payment information is checked