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  1. What I like about this approach is the best conservation of earnings. Gone are the days when we lose everything as soon as we finish the cure.

  2. Hi! Where I can download the XRumer 12? This URL is not working - :(

  3. This new vision that exudes modernity is super interesting on paper, but when is it in practice? I only ask to try

  4. I am taking IGF-1 for my PCT currently

    I opted for IGF-1 for several reasons:

    1) It prepares the next cure by creating new muscle cells.
    2) The IGF-1 is supposed to accelerate the awakening of your testicles.
    3) IGF-1 is supposed to combat cortisol.
    4) IGF-1 is supposed to burn fat.

    I'm 4 days of my PCT and I feel fine. Especially in the morning. Everything seems to be fine until then.

  5. MDT is as important as cure, and we tend to take lightly, even after a large dose of steroid

  6. PCT is very important whether it is the old method or this new vision. The latter has the advantage of keeping the maximum muscle and flesh after a cycle of steroids.
    Some only put the cure in front and make royal fun of the raise, but the hormonal return to the "normal" is what is most important, otherwise it is the crash.

  7. On paper it looks really interesting stays to see what it really gives.
    I am eager to experiment

  8. Very good read. new things every day we learn

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