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Sun Beauty is the best blend of peptides to get a skin tan with beauty effect without sun exposure. Melanotan is the best peptide for tanning. Ipamorelin is the best peptide for anti-aging and beauty.

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What is a Biosynergy Sun Beauty Peptide Blend?

Biosynergy introduced to the market a unique product concept.
The combination of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) with a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) acts to amplify the GH release with a synergistic effect. On this basis, the Research & Development department of Lifetech Labs, the laboratory of Biosynergy laboratory, developed peptides blends the most reliable and stable to obtain optimal results.
Then, the Marketing Department of Lifetech Labs presents a new innovative range of 7 products that combines biology and Synergy. The strong point of this concept is product ease of use with the package and the recommended dosage developed with scientific and methodological approach.

What you will not find with other peptides laboratories.
Ease of use, superior product quality, competitive prices, the revolution is on.

Why choose Biosynergy Sun Beauty over traditional peptides?

  1. Ease of use
  2. Blend measured in microgram ready to fully optimize the results by creating a synergy around products
  3. First peptide laboratory to provide authenticity check
  4. Designed to prevent degradation of peptides and better conservation of blends.
  5. Results and unmatched quality to date
  6. First laboratory to receive an "award" medical innovation with peptides
  7. Recognized and certified laboratory
  8. An exceptional result for a great price

SUN BEAUTY = Melanotan + Ipamorelin

  • Laboratory : Lifetech Labs
  • Brand: Biosynergy
  • Form : Subcutaneous injection
  • Ingredients : Melanotan + Ipamorelin
  • Concentration : 2,1mg / vial
  • Blend : 1,2mg / vial Melanotan + 0,9mg / vial of Ipamorelin
  • Composition : 10 vials of 2.1mg / vial box
  • Dosage : 1 injection per day (before bedtime)
  • Cycle time with a box : 1 months
  • Cycle time recommended : Until you get the desired tan color
  • Type Blend of the most potent peptides for skin tanning and beauty effect
  • Protection : No protections needed
  • Level All Users

The positives of Sun Beauty

  1. Skin tanning without sun exposure
  2. Skin cancer reduction
  3. Better sleep
  4. Improving skin thickness and elasticity
  5. Decreased sun damage related wrinkles
  6. Common rejuvenation, protection and healing
  7. Best cholesterol profile
  8. Increases the overall level of energy
  9. Improved blood flow
  10. No increase in hunger

The negatives of Sun Beauty

  1. Nausea, redness, Vertigo: Each bodies react differently
  2. Fatigue may appear

The advice of

  • Initial Dose The first injection should be a small dose, e.g. 350 mcg (17 units on insulin syringe). See the reaction because the sensitivity varies UDFs. The objective must be to feel nothing.
  • Average dose : 700 mcg once daily. Generally this dose is recommended to obtain excellent results. Do not worry about running out of days of dosing, this product can be used intermittently. See appear the desired pigmentary changes with SUN BEAUTY may take a few weeks to get results.
  • Maintenance : Involves injecting SUN BEAUTY less frequently (and / or with less dose) to avoid becoming more tanned than desired. A maintenance dose can help prolong the photoprotection issued by greater melanin density.

Recommended dosage by the Lifetech-Labs brand

  • Le Dosage recommended by the brand is a dosage for the users beginner in the use of products.
    • Dosage recommended by the brand = normal dosage (700mcg / day).
  • Le Dosage confirmed is an assay for users who have to their assets of steroids treatments, peptides or growth hormone.
    • Double dose = confirmed dose (1.4mg / day).
  • Le Dosage pro is a dosage for competitors and professionals.
    • Triple dose = pro dosage (2.1mg / day).
    • Tip: divide the injections throughout the day.

Details of the injection

  • Composition : 10 vials of 2.1mg / vial box
  • Dilution : 1ml use of bacteriostatic water
  • Frequency: 1 injection per day (before bedtime)
  • Dose vial : 3 x 700 mcg (1 vial for 3 days)
  • Dose injection : 700 mcg (400 mcg Melanotan + 300 mcg Ipamorelin)
  • Dose in your insulin syringe : = 700 to 0.33 mcg mL (33 units on insulin syringe)


Melanotan is a synthetic version of the melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH). Also known as Afamelanotide treatment, it causes pigmentation of the skin through the production of melanin. Melanin prevents cellular damage in the skin by absorbing, reflecting and refracting light. Melanotan reduces sun damage and UV rays for people with solar allergies.

Ipamorelin is a GHRP. It stimulates the body to release natural growth hormone and IGF-1. Increasing GH - Growth Hormone (Somatropin) and IGF-1 brings many benefits, including:
- Growth lean tissue
- Reduction of body fat
- Improvement in post training recovery
- Anti-aging and sense of well-being
- Improved mood and sleep

SUN BEAUTY also helps protect against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun because of its properties stimulating melanogenesis.

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2 Review for Biosynergy Sun-Beauty - Lifetech Labs - 10vials - 2.1mg / vial

  1. 5 out of 5

    No need to go further and pay well to appear tanned, young and healthy.

  2. 5 out of 5

    This is the best peptide to which I have ever tasted. After only 3 weeks, the effects on my skin are obvious, she became more silky smooth, my figure has also refined because I do not eat as before, less hunger and I'm not even not half my cure.

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