Celebrities and steroids: Do Hollywood celebrities use steroids?

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Celebrities and steroids: Do Hollywood celebrities use steroids?

According to Happy Hill who is one of the most famous trainers in the United States and known for his natural methods, in particular for his work with many celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Phillippe, at the male level more than 20% of the stars of the 'Hollywood is currently using steroids to supplement their training.

However, the first thing to do before we start talking about all of this is to differentiate between steroids and growth hormones which are two of the most used doping products by celebs seeking physical enhancement.


What is the difference between steroids and growth hormones?

The hormones growths are secreted naturally from an early age by our body until we reach our thirties. This hormone, allowing the body to develop and which therefore allows us to grow during our youth, will be produced less and less by our body once we enter adulthood.

This explains the fact that it is more and more difficult to gain muscle mass after a certain age, but also the fact that we can supplement a person with a deficiency in HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and who would therefore have growth problems.

Many athletes, especially bodybuilders, use this substance in order to gain muscle mass faster while losing fat, gaining strength and energy, or even saving time in the recovery process.

Contrary to popular belief, steroids are different from growth hormones. The steroids will boost the level of testosterone in the body and therefore help in the production of cell tissue.

The body will optimally synthesize the proteins it will absorb, particularly in the muscles, which will therefore allow mass gain, more strength and endurance, better recovery and a reduction in fat.

Although the results may look similar, these are two products dopants very distinct acting on two types of hormones, and each of these substances have side effects to consider before starting treatment.


Why is the use of steroids more and more common in Hollywood?

Although doping products improving physical performance have been used for a very long time by top athletes, their use is becoming more and more common in Hollywood. Whether we are talking about steroids or growth hormones, both are prescribed to many celebrities and it is still a pretty sensitive topic of interview today.

Indeed, celebrities using steroids or other substances have seen their careers ruined. From top athletes to Hollywood stars, many have even ended up in rehab, their names making headlines in the tabloids.

If we take for example an actor like Henry Cavill, we understand that he would be discredited for his role of Superman in Man of Steel if his muscle mass were not due to natural methods and many hours of hard work. at the gym, but with the use of substances that would facilitate the process of mass gain.

So what are the celebrities taking steroids? Much like Cavill, many actors or other stars of the Hollywood scene have never used doping products and speak openly about them, even sharing with their community their intensive workouts as well as their diets whether for a role. or in their daily life outside the studios.

However, Hollywood asks more and more of its artists. More muscles, less wrinkles, less fat, less preparation time for a role, an ability to combine training and filming ...

We can understand that it is increasingly difficult for celebrities to keep pace in an industry that always demands more, in which there is more and more competition, more and more requirements and more boxes. to check.

Growth hormones (HGH) are particularly used by celebrities who have been part of Hollywood for many years now and who are looking for a rejuvenated appearance, an energy booster, muscle gain and a way to burn fat fast.

Among the celebrities who have confided in this subject, we can notably find actors as they are Sylvester Stallone, but also filmmakers, studio directors, singers, etc. They just have to go to anti-aging clinics and they will have no problem receiving a prescription unless they have serious health problems, so why do without? ...

When an actor has to play a superhero role, in an action movie or any other work requiring a muscular body and he has very little time to prepare his body, if it does not does not already have an excellent muscle base to maintain or develop and a lot of motivation, it is obvious that the only solution is to take doping substances which will clearly help them in the process of mass gain.

We often hear the media accuse the stars of having gone through cosmetic surgery, the use of steroids or other doping substances, but ultimately the fault would not come to the base of the studios which demand miracles in record time to their artists?

The Hollywood Reporter has investigated the subject in particular and some celebrities have confided in coaches, being addicted to steroids, which is very alarming. Some coaches like Happy Hill then refuse clients since it is not part of their practice and they do not wish to see their name associated with this practice, but for others, it is a “banality” linked to the film industry and they accompany, even encourage, the stars on this path.

A few actors such as Christian Bale are adept at extreme transformations to stick to their roles and don't hesitate to use whatever means necessary and although Bale apparently does not, some take steroids to facilitate these changes. while being aware of the risks to their health.

Some celebrities using steroids include Arnold Schwarzenegger who admitted to using steroids for his muscle mass gain when he was competing in bodybuilding. Tom Hardy also admitted in an interview "not only took Smarties" for his role in Batman, other actors like Charlie Sheen, Mickey Rourke, said he used steroids to get in shape for his role in the 1989 Major League movie.

Other men are suspected but have not yet “come out” on the subject, or admit that they “tried” it a few years ago, as Dwayne Johnson, for example, pointed out. We can also take the young Zac Efron which has grown enormously in just two years.

Is it natural? Did any products contribute to this transformation?

The question therefore arises among young actors as much as among older ones. We can even compare the use of steroids to a "fashion" since it is a tendency or even necessary for artists to almost systematically display on screens a dream body.

So today it is more and more complicated to get roles in Hollywood if you do not naturally have an impressive physique like Jason Momoa, or a great devotion and ability to gain mass like Jake Gyllenhaal... Casting choices are not made, however, only on well-designed chocolate bars, but on the stature the character is supposed to have.

Indeed, it is complicated to imagine by Tom Cruise, although he is muscular and fit, in the role of Aquaman or some viking warrior ... But for roles like James Bond who is supposed to be a spy and therefore has potentially no time to go. pushing cast iron regularly, is it realistic and necessary to display a body as muscular as that of Daniel Craig ?

Some celebrities taking steroids or growth hormones have therefore chosen a shortcut to cope with the pressure of the film industry and the expectations of viewers, the competition that is getting younger and younger, or to reach the top. deadlines set by the studios ...

However, the body has its limits and addiction is a real risk.

Hollywood offers dreams, opportunities, but also illusions, both in terms of film scripts and the physique of the stars.

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