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  1. Soccer players also take products? I suspected it, I suspected how it is possible to produce such a performance every week. As for a sport or doping will be openly tolerated !!!! In any case it is not tomorrow the day before

  2. Which sport is not affected? I do not consider it a scourge, I think there is good in these products but just do not fall into the excess

  3. Soy de muy La Liga. Creo than more than 75% of the footblers lo toman. His wife is very good at medecin and especialistas para camuflarse pero también para evitar antidopaje controls.

  4. The bigger the financial stake of a sport in one is, the use of anabolic increases.
    Football does not escape this rule. I think even that the phenomenon will grow even more

  5. that it doping my in consideration of denaro che passed attraverso it calcio non diciamo nulla.

  6. Soccer players are as charged as the pros bodybuilder. Footballers are doping for strength and endurance, not especially for big pecs and big biceps.

    When you are used to living in luxury and you are in a very competitive environment, you will dope and do not play fair.

  7. It's not just football! We take steroids in all sports.

  8. I play football at a good level (this is not the league 1), and I can say that everyone takes something. It's not always steroids, but it always flirts with illegality.
    it's time to end the hypocrisy of clean sport.

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