Transferwise, how does it work?

To transfer money, different means exist. Transferwise is a fast and convenient operator not to be missed!

Finding the best option to pay for performance enhancement products can become a real headache. That's why we present Transferwise, one of the best solutions for transferring money.


Transferwise is a platform to send money. The fees are significantly lower than those charged by banks, Western Union or Πg. You will therefore be well advised to favor this operator for your order on our site.

It should be known that the banks take about 8% commission on your transfers abroad, which is consequent! They not only charge a transfer fee, but also a charge on the currency exchange, which can end up costing a lot ... this is not the case with Transferwise.


To use Transferwise, it's very simple. This service offers various services that are presented in a very clear way. We list some of the steps involved in using Transferwise below.

Send money via Transferwise, the different steps:

  1. Subscribe ou log in if you already have an account : Enter your details, or log in via your Facebook or Google account.
  2. Enter the type of transfer desired: the sum, the means of payment, and the recipient (the one indicated to you during the validation of your order).
  3. Then choose how you want to transfer the money with Transferwise: by bank transfer, with a credit card or via the application. And send us the payment.
  4. Once your payment has been sent, please send us the payment confirmation form below.
  5. It's finish ! You will be informed of the status of your transfer regularly. Your order will be validated in less than 48h (except weekends)!

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How to use Transferwise:

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Thanks to Transferwise's multi-currency account, it is possible to provide RIBs in Pounds Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar and US Dollar.

Once the person who has to make the payment has the RIB, she can transfer money to the Transferwise account from her own bank account if she wants to. The money will appear on the account as soon as it is credited, it will depend on the conversion to be made, some currencies may take longer to be credited than others.

If the transfer must be made in another currency, no problem! The person who must send the money will have to log in to his own account Transferwise and it is she who will then perform all the steps indicated in the paragraph dedicated to the transfer of money

Transferwise is also a set of additional features, little extras that are very pleasant and make the use of this service easier than ever.


It is possible to choose one of the 3 modes of payment: the economic transfer which is the cheapest, the fast transfer which will privilege the speed of execution on the economy, and the easy transfer.

Transferwise is one of the most transparent operators on its rates because users know exactly how much the transaction costs before validating it. Prices change over the months following the costs imposed on the company.


Transferwise is considered one of the most reliable companies for money transfer. The opinions of users are excellent, and we quickly realize that this is not the case for all sites offering this type of service! The Trustpilot website allows us to check user reviews, and we can see that Transferwise is highly rated in terms of reliability. See reviews

It is possible to make money transfers easily via Transferwise, but there are limits. Indeed, you can not send any amount and that's good! Even if the service is very secure, this extra precaution does not take any risk. The FAQ of the site regularly reiterates the ceilings applied to transactions, currency by currency.

Supply your account Transferwise

To credit a Transferwise account, it is possible to go through a bank transfer from the current account that is usually used. You can also credit the account using your credit card. And of course, the account balance may increase if other people transfer money to our Transferwise account.


Uninitiated users ask themselves several questions before making the leap, and they are right. In the lines that follow, we try to answer the most important ones. You can also consult the FAQ of the site which is regularly updated and which brings answers to the last questions of the users.

In which country can I use Transferwise's services?
Transferwise makes it possible to send money transfers to all countries in the SEPA zone. Funds can also be received from these same countries. Thanks to Transferwise you can also make payments to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Hungary, India, Poland, Austria, Canada and New Zealand, among others.

Which currencies can be used?
Transferwise is fully able to send, receive and convert currencies. The main currencies concerned are, of course, the euro but also the pound sterling, the US dollar, the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Swiss franc, the Swedish krona, the Norwegian kroner, the Hungarian forint, the Bulgarian lev, etc. As you can see, almost all currencies are supported by Transferwise.

How long does it take to transfer money?
How long does a Transferwise transfer take? Technically, the process is completed between one and four business days. However, it must be understood that the total duration of the transfer depends on the currency, the payment method selected or the moment when the transfer request is made (during the week, during the weekend, during a public holiday, etc.) . In addition, the money sent by the sender can only be received during bank opening hours.

Is there a possibility of reimbursement?
If you ever wish to cancel one of your current transfers, please note that it is possible to cancel it. As long as the transfer is not validated, Transferwise is able to refund your funds. To request a refund, simply go to the transfer page in question and press the "cancel transfer" button.

How to cancel?
We have already answered this question in the section above. To cancel a transfer in progress, simply go to the transfer page and click on the button provided for this purpose.